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About Genie ~ Garage Door Opener’s Brand:

When it comes to choosing one of the highest rated garage door openers equipped with innovative technology, most of the homeowners prefer going with Genie garage door openers. Genie Company is a trusted name and brand in the garage door opener industry. It is among the top America’s consumer companies.

It was established in the year of 1923 as a part of Alliance Manufacturing Company. The company was a renowned manufacturer of military, industrial and consumer products. In the year of 1954, the famous Alliance Manufacturing Company introduced its own garage door opener company called Genie.

Now, Genie is the first choice when it comes to choosing radio-controlled home garage door openers. It is an industry leader when it comes to design, innovative technology and safety.

Genie garage door opener 4042-TKH is a belt driven garage door opener with ¾+ HP DC motor, Safe-T-Beams & motion detector

Genie 4042-TKH Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 39.8 x 11.8 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 31.5 Pounds
  • Horse Power: 3/4+ HP
  • Drive Type: Belt Drive

Genie Garage Door Opener 4042-TKH Overview:

If you are looking for a durable belt driven garage door opener equipped with innovative functionality, you need to determine Genie 4042-TKH SilentMax 1200. This model comes loaded with powerful ¾+ HPc DC chain. Since it has a lighter motor, it offers smooth, quiet operation and easy start and stop functionality. With steel-reinforced chain drive mechanism, this unit offers more reliable and longer life.

Genie 4042-TKC comes loaded with Genie Sense Monitoring Diagnostic innovative technology, thus offers incredible functionality and monitoring capabilities. Moreover, genie Intellicode system prevents unwanted people from opening garage door by simply mechanically altering the access code every time when it is used. Comprehensive Safe-t-beam technology helps homeowners increasing the security. With the help of this innovative reversing technology, genie 4042-TKC simply starts the reversing process when something is detected on the path of garage door such as an individual, object or pet.

Genie 4042-TKH Garage Opener Details:

  • DC Motor is certainly a lighter weight option.
  • 4042-TKC offers smooth, quiet operation and soft start and stop functionality.
  • Innovative programming makes installation process swifter, easier than ever before. Thus, it offers precise garage door travel operation.
  • Since steel-reinforced belt drive mechanism is highly durable, it offers a quiet, smooth and hurdle-free operation.
  • 2 3-button remote control system for enhanced functionality.
  • ¾+ HPc DC belt for smooth operation.

How to Use Genie 4042-TKH Garage Opener:

  • Collect all the required tools, components and accessories before starting the installation procedure.
  • Make sure you should eliminate all the existing non-functioning components.
  • Accurate the balance and force of door.
  • Do programming for smooth functionality.
  • Check whether all functions are working properly or not.

Garage Opener Genie 4042-TKH’s Pros & Cons:

  • This opener comes loaded with an innovative non-contact reversing mechanism called Safe-T-Beam. So, the garage door stops and reverses the garage door opening process when anything detected through the beam.
  • GenieSense monitoring & diagnostic technology.
  • IntelliCode access security system for added security and safety.
  • HomeLink compatibility
  • Instructions manual is a bit complicated to understand.
  • Minor installation issues.

Customer Review on Genie 4042-TKH Belt Garage Door Opener:

Michal T. Douglas, Illinois,

I wanted to choose the best garage door opener. Therefore, I went through various top rated garage door openers reviews. I found genie 4042-tkh a great option to go with. The light mechanically on when you enter into your garage door. I could install it within 40 minutes. It offers quiet and fast performance. Now, I don’t need to struggle with keys as I can choose my own code to enter into garage.

Christian Gomez, Minnesota,

We brought this Genie Belt Garage Door Opener last month and it is quite easy to install. This system works very much quietly and smoothly. It took me hardly 1 hour to install the whole system. In my old garage door opener system, I use to get disturbed every time my door opens but comparatively this system works quietly so i am very much happy with the results of this garage door opener.

Best reviews of Genie 1/2 hp garage opener 2042-TKC with Wireless Keypad & Wall system

1/2 HP 2042-TKC Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 39 x 11 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 39.2 Pounds
  • Horse Power: 1/2+ HP
  • Drive Type: Belt Drive

2042-TKC Genie Garage Door Opener : Description

Genie Company is known for offering outstanding garage door openers. This time, it comes with Genie 2042-TKC QuietLift belt driven garage door opener. With ½ HP DC motor, this unit offers reliable and powerful performance with smooth and quiet operation. If you are looking for an easy-to-install but durable Genie garage door opener, you should consider genie 2042-TKC. Strong ½ HPS DC motor can easily lift garage doors of about 7-feet. It can easily handle about 500 pounds of doors. When it comes to safety and security, this unit comes incorporated with an auto reversing mechanism that simply stops and thus reverses the process of closing a door if anything detected through the invisible beam.

Genie 2042-TKC QuietLift 800 Belt Driven ~ Specifications:

  • 2 3-button remotes for better operation.
  • ½ HPS DC powerful motor for lifting heavy garage doors.
  • Innovative wireless keypad.
  • Wall console.
  • Safe-t-beams for reversing the door closing process.
  • Highly durable but quiet operation.
  • Wireless keypad can help you operating different functionalities effortlessly.
  • Strong belt drive garage door.
  • Equipped with reverse technology to avoid unwanted accidents.

How To Use Genie 2042-TKC Garage Opener:

  • Since it is a belt drive garage door opener, you first need to go through instructions manual.
  • Check the balance and force of garage doors.
  • It is meant to 7 feet of doors, so you should try it fit into a bigger option.
  • Do programming adequately as mentioned in the instructions book.

Garage Door Opener Genie 2042-TKC – Pros & Cons:

  • It is really easy to program various functions of this unit.
  • It offers quiet but long-lasting performance.
  • It is easy to install this unit.
  • It comes incorporated with keypad and two remotes.
  • Best genie opener for 7-feet garage doors.
  • The system usually forgets one of the available remotes, and thus it needs to be reprogrammed after every week.
  • Range of remote is bad.

Reviews by Customers on Genie 2042-TKC:

Jennie K. Smith, Florida,

Since I wanted to replace my existing non-functioning garage door opener, I decided to go through a few garage door reviews. By searching online, I found that Genie 2042-TKC belt drive garage door can be a right choice for my 7 feet garage door. However, it was really easy to install this unit, but I had to struggle a lot when it comes to programming. I would recommend choosing this product only if you know how to install a belt drive garage door opener. If you don’t have experience installing a belt driven opener, you need to avail services of a professional technician.

George Harris, Minnesota,

This Genie 2042-TKC QuietLift 800 Belt Garage door opener is much quieter than my previous garage door opener. The whole system placed works very smoothly. If you have never installed an opener, I would suggest you read the manual thoroughly before proceeding on installation. I do not face any other complaints with the system; i am happy with this genie garage door opener.

Know about Genie screw driven garage door opener 2562-TC with its powerful functionalities

Genie 2562-TC Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 12 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 40 Pounds
  • Horse Power: 1/2 HP
  • Drive Type: Screw Drive

Genie 2562-TC Garage Opener Description:

Genie PowerLift Model 2562-TC ½ HP AC screw garage door opener is a reliable and durable option. It can easily operate heavy home garage doors of about 500 lbs in weight. Moreover, by using extension kit, you can cater the requirements of 8 feet doors. It is engineered in such a way that it can easily handle the heavy doors. This unit features a forged steel screw innovative drive incorporated with C-channel rail architecture for flush-mounting and clean appearance. It means that no chains, gears or belts that wear out. It is a maintenance-free innovative garage door opener for durable performance. Some of the key accessories are two 3-button remotes and multi-function wall control system with light control button and vacation lock.

Genie Garage Opener 2562-TC Specifications:

  • ½ HP AC motor as well as screw-drive mechanism offer consistent power to operate or handle heavy home garage doors of about 500 lbs in weight.
  • 2 pre-programmed remotes along with three buttons are available for easier, faster installation. Remotes are certainly ready to use simply out of the box. Thus, you don’t need to struggle with additional programming.
  • Multi-function wall console comes loaded with innovative light control button and vacation lock for added security.
  • This unit also features self-diagnostic safe-t-beam. When anything comes in the contact of invisible beam, it simply starts the door reversing process.
  • Fast and easy installation with maintenance-free C-channel rail.
  • Assembly doesn’t need additional hardware.

How to Use Genie PowerLift Model 2562-TC Garage Door Opener:

  • Read the instructions thoroughly to learn how to install and do programming of the unit.
  • Make sure all the outdated equipments or components should be eliminated before starting the actual installation process.
  • While installing Genie PowerLift, you should not forget evaluating the force and balance of garage doors.

Genie Screw Drive Garage Opener – Pros & Cons:

  • Remotes come pre-programmed so that you can use them out of the box for easier and faster installation.
  • Self-diagnostic and safe-t-beam system for added security.
  • Remotes are loaded with Intellicode mechanism that alters the access code whenever you operate your garage door.
  • Two-bulb lighting system for additional security.
  • Compatible with Car2U and HomeLink.
  • Difficult to understand the two remotes with three button console.
  • Plastic coupler.

Customer Review on Genie PowerLift Garage Door Opener – Model 2562-TC:Genie Garage Door Opener Reviews By Customers ~ 2562-TC:

Rachel J. David, California,

I selected genie model 2562-tc to replace my existing genie garage door opener. It was really easy to install this unit without the help of a technician. However, I found in various top rated garage door reviews that this unit could be hard to be programmed, but I didn’t experience the same difficulty. One architecture issue that did bother me greatly was the plastic coupler, which is used to link the main motor to the available screw drive. It should be made of metal for added durability. But finally, I can say that it could be a great choice for me.

Sarah Watson, New Jersey,

This garage door opener works fine, but for me, installation and understanding the installation process was quite complicated I would recommend that you should take the advice of experts for easy installation. Later when I received counseling and help of expert than almost all my problems were sorted. I am very much satisfied with the outcomes of Genie PowerLift Garage Door Opener, as it provides me smooth and comfortable services for my garage door.


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